APP-ealing to Audiences

Weixin (pronounced “way-shin”), popular Chinese social networking app, became an integral part of Chinese people’s daily life. When it comes to social media we understand that different social media sites attract difference audiences. However, since Weixin takes a more thorough “all-in-one-platform” approach, it makes it that much more attractive. To be more specific, Weixin puts constant app switching from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, eBay, etc. to rest. Serving as a platform for social media, messaging, e-commerce, advertising and more, audiences rarely need to leave the app for its accessibility to content, functions and features. 

Now you may be wondering how an app on your smartphone can be a one-stop to social media and more. The key reason being that Weixin understands its audience. With integrated accommodations to do almost anything, and its significant ease to use, the platform became particularly appealing to those of the Chinese market.

Being that Weixin became a norm for people’s social media use in everyday life in the mainland China market, is attractiveness reached and appealed to the audience in the United States market, leading to an international version to be created that we know as WeChat

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Weixin/WeChat entered its way into the users’ lives with features fit to the needs, tastes and interests of all backgrounds. In a social media centered world, something many smartphone users have in common is relying on their phones and revolving around social media 24/7. As social media has made its way as an important part of life day in and day out, the importance of Weixin/WeChat followed.

Unique Weixin/WeChat Features

– Messaging & Voice Calling

– Social Networking

– Branding

– Promotion & Advertising

– Virtual Wallet – Send or Receive Money – Call a Taxi


From China, overseas to the United States, Weixin/WeChat makes every connection possible among people, between users and vendors, and between users and organizations. As a truly mobile lifestyle for everyone, the app allows you to individualize and choose how to use it for your own individual life. 

Except the app does not stop at its current features, it is always introducing new functions and campaigns in attempt to satisfy audiences’ new needs or to fit audiences’ mood at a certain time or context in their life. This is what helps to explain the success of Weixin/WeChat. If audiences can get all they want from one platform, why bother to find other options, so in order to stay relevant and as a top app in the social media space, Weixin/WeChat is always coming out with updates to fit the times. 

A campaign that generated a large audience and more users was the Red Envelope campaign, also known as Qiang Hongbao. This campaign was implemented on the app just before the Chinese New Year. In traditional Chinese culture, around the holidays people give monetary gifts to family and friends. This campaign allowed users take on Chinese tradition in a fun and exciting way by randomly distributing a sum of money among people of a group the user set up. As a result this campaign not only sent out 20 million dollars virtually and had 5 million participants, but it shows that Weixin/WeChat is always thinking and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. 

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One thought on “APP-ealing to Audiences

  1. Hi Nicole,

    To start off, I really liked the title to this blog post and the image you chose. The creative title and colorful image at the beginning really makes it pop. Nice job! You did a great job summing up what Weixin is and how it’s an all-in-one platform that allows users to do everything they want from one app leaving little reason for them to leave. Also, nice job explaining that Weixin is the apps name in China, but WeChat is the international version popular here in the U.S. and around the world. Wonderful job discussing how Weixin strives to understand their audience’s wants and needs and how this pushes them to continue adding new functionality to the app. Continuing to keep their focus on adding value to the app and addressing the changing wants and needs of their user will help keep them growing and successful. Nice job describing the Red Envelope campaign. Also, you did a fantastic job adding visual appeal to the blog. The images were great and the way you listed the unique features of the app was very nice. Great job!


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